Tuesday, January 11, 2011

dylan hosts a construction worker party and turns three

it's been birthday week here at dylan mac and cheese. dylan got to celebrate his birthday not once but twice, a school party and a construction workers' party. dylan has lately been obsessed with bob the builder, handy manny and general contractor work--and loves tools, building, fixing and tearing things apart. so what better way to celebrate this third birthday than with a construction party? we set up the scene at california science center, where dylan and his best buddies helped build a house, donned hardhats, got home depot aprons, and ran around scavenging for tools. everyone seemed to have a great time and of course, the girls loved the pretend play as much as the boys.

sydney hard at work lifting buckets of bricks up to the second level.
...while tika supplies bricks from down below.
of course, there was a fair amount of sharing (pulling and taking and pushing) from the crew. 
so much hard work! everyone took a break for lunch. 
while the adults posed for silly pictures.
john as manure pile bulldozer driver. 

sometimes eating pizza is hard work indeed, thinks arriel.
fun times ahead! dylan got a dump truck full of 'compost cake' made with yummy chocolate buttercream frosted cake layered with worms, cigarette butts and dirt. 
the party and the cake seemed to be a huge hit---at least dylan's harmony, linda, and charles think so (who ate all the gummy worms? are there more chocolate pretzels? why are we digging around for crumbs?)

happy birthday dylan! we love you, our little guy. we hope you had a blast. 
love, mom and dad and harmony (construction crew)

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